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Welcome to Ô Bain de Lina Your massage center in Marrakech

In a chic, privatized and colorful spa, the most luxurious Ô Bain de Lina wellness center in Marrakech will seduce you with its best massages (solo or duo) and its true traditional hammams, relaxation areas.


Welcome to the website of www.massage-marrakech.ma

Do you want to relax alone in a private Hammam and continue with a relaxation massage, an oil massage or a tonic well-being massage?

Or you would like to enjoy a relaxation massage for two, a real relaxation massage for couples.

Lina’s Ô Bain Institute advises you on body treatments, facial treatments for women, men and couples.

You can also opt for a facial massage, a scalp massage or a foot massage.

Hammam followed by a body massage with aromatic oils (or relaxing body massage), scrubs, facials …

At the Ô Bain de Lina space, we claim the luxury character, our institute whose priority remains Hygiene and serenity: it is a privileged place in Marrakech dedicated to relaxation, to body and facial relaxation treatment … in short to your well-being.

Our relaxing massages are in no way therapeutic and have no sexual or erotic character

Discover without delay Ô Bain of Lina Spa! Your massage center, Moroccan hammam in the heart of Marrakech in Gueliz

Ô Bain de Lina the most spacious spa in Guéliz, in this district located in the heart of Marrakech. We have at your disposal more than 14 massage cabins in The luxury decoration of the massage parlor, in an exotic journey, the sensual charm of the dim lights invite you to softness and serenity, 4 Hammam with comfortable steam bath, lighting you allowing to enjoy an excellent massage, Alone, in a duo or with the family. And don't forget that we have a duo room if you want to enjoy a massage for couples or friends.

massage menu

Come and indulge yourself in our massage parlor. We define your needs together to offer you a unique moment.
Relaxing massage
Relaxing massage of the back, shoulders and neck, with essential oils or argan oil, The relaxing massage is a gentle and enveloping massage. By fluid and continuous gestures, encompassing the body from head to toe, this massage thwarts any anatomical logic to bring you to deep relaxation and an awareness of your being as a whole.
Swedish massage
Draining, energizing and energetic massage. The Californian massage combines enveloping and rhythmic gestures. It can therefore be soothing, invigorating and powerful according to the needs of the person being massaged. Effective to untie the back and the neck,
Tonic massage
Maneuvers of deep kneading, to completely relax the body, The Tonic Massage is a massage aimed at dissolving muscle and joint tensions by a sequence of different gestures such as kneading, friction, sloshing ... and puts you in your body.
Hot stone massage
This massage is performed using hot volcanic basalt pebbles.
Duo couple massage
A massage of your choice to discover for two in body oil in a duo cabin, The duo massage consists of being massaged as a couple (a massage of your choice from our massage card) at the same time for one hour, Lina bath offers you its duo cabin, It is a spacious cabin (see photos below), decorated in an infinitely relaxing setting so that you can get away as best as a couple, or between families, experience massage as a couple in Marrakech by expert hands.
Sports massage
Slow and deep massage for absolute relaxation of the muscles.
Ayurvedic massage
Rebalancing massage promoting harmony of body and mind. Ayurvedic or abbyanga massage is the traditional massage from India, and the oldest oil massage. He will adjust no one (dosha) and his state of health (energy diagnosis). Massages are done using oil that generously covers the body. The movements are large, slow. In all cases, the touch is comfortable
Pregnant woman massage
Relaxing and soothing prenatal massage to prepare for the baby's arrival.
Thai Thai massage
Thai massage, or Thai massage, this massage is inspired by traditional Asian medicine. If you come to take a traditional Thai massage, the salon provides you with an appropriate outfit, to start the client lies on his back, and the masseur or masseuse begins the massage with both feet, then the calves, then the thighs as a masseuse, we use our fingers, hands, elbows, knees, and feet to massage clients by pressing, massaging, stretching muscles.
Foot reflexology
A massage combining pressure on the points of plantar reflexology. relieves muscle pain.

The best massage and hammam tips in Marrakech not to be missed

Because it is important to have fun regularly, discover the prices and prices of our cheap hammam and massage formulas in Marrakech!

Traditional hammam rituals

Welcome to our mixed hammam in the center of Marrakech in the Guéliz district, the Ô Bain de Lina team welcomes you every day to take advantage of the good deals from Hammam Beldi, Hammam Oriental and Hammam Royal. For your peace of mind, our Hammams are completely private.
Beldi Hammam
Beldi Hammam
  • Traditional application of Moroccan black soap with 100% natural eucalyptus, followed by a body scrub with horsehair kessa.


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Oriental Hammam
Oriental Hammam
  • Traditional application of 100% natural eucalyptus black soap, followed by a body scrub with horsehair kessa, Body wrap with organic ghassoul flavored with plants.


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Royal Hammam
Royal Hammam
  • Traditional application of 100% natural eucalyptus black soap, followed by a body scrub with kessa, Ghassoul body wrap flavored with seven, facial mask, henna application and rose water.


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Our spa in Marrakech in a few words:

Thanks to our professionalism, our mixed spa in Marrakech is classified among the best spas dedicated to families in the city.

  • Equipe diplômées efficace et toujours disponible à votre écoute.
  • Des offres et des packs toute la semaine en solo en couple ou même en famille.
  • Une Riche variété de Massage à partir de 400 DH.
  • Déconnexion total au centre ville de Marrakech la ville qui ne dort Jamais.
  • Les peignoirs les plus propres, les plus doux et les plus confortables dans lesquelles vous se blottirez.
  • Vestiaires propres à votre disposition à tout moment à autant que vous voulez.

Hair removal, Make-up, Beauty, Hairdressing

Eyebrows, lips or chin, Underarms, Single bikini, Full bikini, Half legs or torso or arms, Full legs or back, ...
Beauty of the hands, Beauty of the feet, Installation of varnish, Installation of semi-permanent varnish, Installation of semi-permanent varnish, ...
in-depth facial care With cleansing, masks, scrubs, anti-wrinkle care, anti-wrinkle care, Anti-blackhead care, ...

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