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16 Masseuses À Votre Écoute...
16 masseuses at your service...

The masseuses are qualified and provide quality services. Rest and relaxation are the watchwords.

Massage et Spa Privatisé
Privatized Massage and Spa

Let yourself be seduced by the magic of this privatized spa in Marrakech!

Une Excellence Hygiène
Excellent hygiene

For comfort and hygiene we provide bathrobe, slippers, towel, disposable string, bottle of mineral water, green tea and black soap.

A Massage Center and a Mixed Private Hammam in the same place in Marrakech on Gueliz.

Do you dream of a massage or a private Hammam for the body in Marrakech to eliminate the stress of everyday life? Your “Ô Bain de Lina” wellness center in gueliz. a private wellness area on a human scale with its 7 massage cabins, including a duo, where our team offers you a unique sensory experience that combines relaxation and beauty through a complete menu of massages, facial and body treatments ( hair removal, make-up, manicure, pedicure, beauty, hairdressing, etc.) that deliver real results. Also available to customers: two mixed hammams for couples for a complete beauty program to the end of relaxation. You can come alone, as a couple, with family or friends.

In our massage center you will find the following services:

  • The relaxing massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Chinese massage
  • The tonic massage
  • Duo couple massage
  • Berber massage
  • Ayurvedic massage
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Head, back and shoulder massage
  • sports massage
  • Facial care
  • Manicure and pedicure SPAs
  • The oriental hammam.

Ô Bain de Lina Massage et hamam spa marrakech gueliz

Ô Bain de Lina SPA est situé au cœur du quartier de gueliz, Véritable ville dans la ville, Le quartier Guliz à Marrakech rassemble un nombre incalculable de boutiques de luxe, d’hôtels prestigieux et d’institutions à la renommée internationale….

Treatments and Massages in Marrakech

Ô Bain de Lina SPA brings together the care of the Moroccan oriental tradition and revisits them to offer its guests a menu using the best of natural local products, harvested to respect the environment and man. The Spa Ô Bain de Lina offers a range of massages adapted to your needs, which will immerse you in a state of divine relaxation.


This massage, a real source of well-being, allows optimal relaxation by releasing tension with light pressure and fluid movements.


This massage will relieve muscle contractures and tensions in particular, through movements that will stimulate blood circulation for better oxygenation of the body.



This massage with specific techniques helps relieve muscle tension.



Select the massage of your choice. This treatment is performed in a room with two beds side by side to offer you and your partner an experience that promotes relaxation and renewed energy.

Massage berbère

Berber massage New!!

A massage with argan oil inspired by Moroccan traditions, where the deepest tissues are worked.



Derived from traditional Indian medicine, its enveloping technique combining deep kneading, powerful and relaxing strokes, allows deep relaxation of the body and the good circulation of energies.


Tailor-made massage

A massage according to your desires and needs of the moment. Choice of massage zones and desired pressure.


A soft and relaxing massage with the use of a neutral and natural oil. Provides a unique moment for mom and baby.

Massage de la Tête, du Dos et des Epaules

Head, Back and Shoulders Massage

The back is massaged first to stimulate blood circulation and promote muscle relaxation. The neck and shoulder massage aims to release energy blockages and release stress-related tensions. Finally, the head massage promotes relaxation by balancing the energies of the nervous system.



Massage prepares the body for action, ideal for athletes before providing an effort.


Thai massage

The “Thai” with oil is a unique massage. it combines typical stretches originating from the floor technique.

Duos: Traditional Moroccan Mixed Private Hammam with Massage in Marrakech

Enjoy two hours of body care in a warm private room where we exfoliate and pamper your skin with eucalyptus black soap and a moisturizing treatment with a plant ghassoul mask. We will complete this experience with a relaxing or stimulating massage with argan oil that will hydrate your whole body and transport you to Moroccan culture and its traditions of body and spiritual care.

Hammam Traditionnel privatif

Private Traditional Hammam

  • Hammam & exfoliation with eucalyptus black soap & ghassoul mask with aromatic plants, citrus soap, orange blossom shampoo and conditioner.
  • Relaxing or draining massage with argan oil
Hammam Relaxant privatif

Private Relaxing Hammam

• Hammam & exfoliation with desert salt with orange blossom
& rose clay wrap, citrus soap,
orange blossom shampoo and conditioner.
• Relaxing or draining massage with argan oil

Hammam Relaxant privatif

Private Lightness Hammam

  • •Hammam & scrub with grapefruit sea salts and geranium & seaweed wrap, citrus soap, orange blossom shampoo and conditioner.
  • Draining massage with argan oil
Hammam Tonificant privatif

Private Toning Hammam

  • Hammam & exfoliation with desert salts & clay mask
    with lavender, citrus soap, shampoo and conditioner
    with orange blossom.
  • Moroccan tonic massage with hot towels.


Soin du visage hydratant

Hydrating facial treatment

Restores moisture balance for youthful skin.

Soin du visage purifiant peau grasse

Oily skin purifying facial

Neutralizes every little pimple and hides them very naturally and discreetly.

Soin du visage nourissant peau séche

Nourishing facial treatment for dry skin

Specific for dry and sensitive skin, it provides long-lasting comfort to the skin.

Soin du visage éclat pour peau terne

Glow facial treatment for dull skin

the skin regains its radiance and luminosity.

Good massage plan in Marrakech in gueliz

A good massage in our salon will help you relax and replenish your energy. We offer different types of massages. Surrender yourself to the hands of our masseuses who perfectly master the techniques and manoeuvres, while ensuring the gentleness of the massage. Do not leave before having benefited from our aesthetic treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I make a reservation in advance for my massages at Ô Bain de Lina?

Yes it is quite possible to have a massage without reservation. However, it is recommended to book in order to avoid waiting times and to ensure the total duration of the service before boarding.

Are massages always performed by men or women at Ô Bain de Lina?

No. Our team of masseurs is made up of women. A masseuse is often softer, while a masseur will have firmer and more energetic gestures. It is essential that you can get the massage your body needs. There’s nothing worse than lying on a massage table and wishing it was over as soon as possible. Talk to your masseuse! she doesn’t know right away what will do you the most good.

Do you always have to be naked for a massage at Ô Bain de Lina?

Our first concern is you. To take full advantage of the effects of the massage at Ô Bain de Lina, it is important that you are relaxed. your body is covered with a sheet. Paper underwear is provided for the private parts but, if you wish, you can keep your briefs. We ask ladies to take their bras off or roll their swimsuits down. When massaging the back, straps, rubber bands and cords are particularly troublesome. For the application of certain creams and oils, we ask you to remove your bathing suit to avoid product residues.

How to choose my massage?

It’s a question of approach and personality. Does it all depend on the need you are looking for? Well-being or therapy? With pressure or gentle massage? Warm oil or hot stones? Tonic or soft touch? The choice is made according to the need of the moment. Whether you are used to getting a massage or not. The techniques are all intended to provide a feeling of benevolence and well-being.

Do you offer men's facials?

Certainly ! Since men tend to take less care of their face, a deep cleansing and a beneficial massage will do them the greatest good. Men also have much more sensitive skin than women, precisely because they use fewer creams. During our treatments for men, we therefore use products specially designed for male skin.


Yes, each guest is required to wear a mask upon arrival at the reception. He must also continue to wear it during the experience, at the reception, in the changing rooms and waiting rooms and during treatments (with the exception of facials or during a massage while lying on your stomach ). You must always wear your mouth mask in the restaurant. It can only be removed while sitting at the table.

Where can I find the massage price list?

The price menu can be downloaded from the pages of our site. Please note: we try to keep our online price lists up to date, but prices are subject to change without notice. For the most up-to-date price list, please refer to the physical brochures offered at each spa.

Can we shower before and after the massage at Ô Bain de Lina SPA?

The shower before and after the massage is recommended, because the body will be clean and the temperature of the water will prepare it to receive its future treatments. The massage will be of better quality!

What massages can you get at Ô Bain de Lina SPA?

We have chair and table massage categories that are performed by qualified masseuses who have received training with mutual respect for the client and the professional. In the event of oral or physical requests out of context for a massage, the employee may stop the massage.

Customer Reviews

Have you had a massage at Ô Bain de Lina? Tell us what you thought of it!

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